Neither here nor there

My husband recently told me that he no longer considers me a gringa.  Score!  But I’m certainly not Mexican, either.  I’m just, you know, something in between.

Since my first visit to Mexico in January of 2008, many things about me have changed.  Despite all the complaints I have offered, I have grown a great appreciation for so many aspects of life on both sides of the border.  Now back in the U.S., I’ve started this blog as a way to share my experiences and ideas with you about all kinds of things like…

  • spending the greater part of the past five years living in two poor, urban neighborhoods in northern Mexico
  • dealing with crazy emotions and adapting
  • raising a bilingual child
  • dreaming
  • the beauty of everyday life
  • holding tight to beliefs and also knowing when to alter them
  • great children’s books
  • sticking out like a sore thumb (but it’s okay now and then!)

Thanks for stopping by.  Please share, like, and comment as you wish!


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