How To Own A Smartphone And Still Be Human

“Humans are supposed to have conversations with one another. They are supposed to look at the world, take it in, and deal with it. They are supposed to experience things and feel things and create things, not just read about them. I want to get better at this.”

Thought Catalog

I was in a bar last week with a bunch of friends and something made me to look up from my iPhone for a second. What I saw kind of bummed me out. Everybody under 30 was staring at their phones. Hot person sitting right across from you? Eh. Instagram’s better. Bachelor party for your homie? Better Facebook that shit! And by ‘Facebook that shit,’ I mean sit around in a quiet circle with 10 other people telling everybody who’s not there how much fun you are having. I tried have a real-life conversation with some of the people there, but gave up when when they kept checking their phone mid-sentence, probably to see if anybody had liked their new status about a really deep conversation they were having with some attractive guy named Austin at this great bar they just checked in at.

And we’ve all been there. Go…

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