Friends and Money

Wonderful words for all of us to read, just as a reminder! Rings true with my friendships over the years, too…

Spontaneous Ditties

Once during a summer in high school, I was with Selena, Melissa and Amanda after having just spent the whole day at the beach. After we were  sun-baked, we decided to go to Lick’s to gorge on some yummy hamburgers.

Upon arriving there, Selena asked what I was getting. Being 15 and having literally no money on me except for bus tickets, I said, “I can’t get anything, I’ll eat at home.”

She then said, “No, what are you getting because I’m getting it for you”, in a tone that made me realize that I had misunderstood her question before.

Confused, I reiterated: “No, I don’t have money. I’ll eat at home.”

She then laughed before saying, “You’ll get me back next time! This time, I want to get this for you.”

I must’ve looked distraught at this new concept because the entire time we were in line, Selena kept…

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