My first race


Finished 128 out of 379 males and females. Placed 2nd out of 18 for females in my age bracket.

This weekend I ran my first race!  I had signed up for a 5k earlier this year, but I found myself in the hospital with my husband as he recovered from a complicated appendectomy the morning of the race.  So I was excited once more to be able to register, and grateful that all in our family were happy and healthy so that I could participate.  This was a 4mi. run with a fun fun/walk as well.

I am a recreational runner who generally goes at whatever pace I please and whatever distance I feel like going.  Not too slow, not too fast.  Not too close, not too far away.  Before I found out I was pregnant, I had been pushing myself and increasing my distance to 5.5 or 6.5 miles per run, a few days a week.  In addition, I was doing zumba just about every day, with class a couple times a week and Zumba Wii anytime I felt the impulse (which is pretty much always).

Soon, though, I decided to take down my exercises a notch because I know myself, and I know that I can continue pushing myself to do more — but I am the kind of person who dehydrates and overheats easily.  I can deal with that, when it’s just me, but it is selfish and unsafe to keep pushing it when I am responsible for maintaining my body as healthy as possible for a defenseless, developing little one.  So when, two nights in a row, I felt a deep abdominal contraction, I eased off a bit on the training.

On race day, Aron and D walked from our house down to the park, where we met them at the finish line.  I must commend him on being in the perfect spots to take some photos as we (my awesome zumba instructor/one of my BFFs Christy) were wrapping up the final mile of the race.

Christy made it across 1 second before I did.  If she hadn’t stuck by my side the entire race, she would have made it across about a minute sooner!!  She finished 127th and I was 128th, out of the 379 male and female participants.  I came in 2nd place out of 18 for my age bracket.  My time was 33:35, which was actually much faster than I would have expected!

Tell me about your race experiences, and feel free to share any event info for upcoming Indiana races in the comments.  Take care! 


Christy and me reaching the finish line. We decided we wanted to beat the lady in pink to the finish. Sounds silly, but sometimes it’s the small goals that make all the difference.


Me with my biggest fans!


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