Photo exploration of architectural styles & materials in Poor-Monterrey

One of the most beautiful aspects of Mexico is the architecture.  Particularly in non-affluent parts, there is an  incredible range of building materials, paired with unmatched creativity, used to construct homes, public spaces, and commerical buildings.  Here are some of my favorite examples (from 2008) of material use in Poor-Monterrey.  Click any of the images for a higher-res version.


Uno de los aspectos más bellos de México es la arquitectura. Sobre todo en las zonas menos afluentes, hay una increíble variedad de materiales, vinculados con una creatividad sin igual, utilizados para la construcción de viviendas, espacios públicos, y edificios comerciales.  Éstos son algunos ejemplos favoritos (del año 2008) del uso de materiales de Monterrey-Pobre.  Haga clic en cualquier foto para ver la versión de más alta resolución.


The most common type of planter is an ordinary bucket.


Housing near the frutería in La Moderna


Elaborate housing/business


I’ve always thought it was interesting that sometimes the only way to distinguish one residence from another is the color blocking of paint on the front façade.


Various materials for the construction, and pallets stacked up for use or for sale


Façade of a school


Multiple textures and tones


Public fútbol rápido court


Roof space is often important/handy for clothesline use.


A more upscale home with protected front entry


These design blocks create interest and permit filtered sunlight to enter the upper level


Various upper-level add-on spaces


A curved Monterrey sidewalk I always thought was curious


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