“Business” hair

As a mom, artist, aspiring writer, and Zumba® instructor, I don’t always take advantage of my “free time” (if, like “extra cash,” there even is such a thing) by primping and pampering myself.  However, for some reason or another I usually am out and about town approximately a billion times a week, and I like to feel like I am at least putting in some effort to care for my appearances.  Most of the time, like when I am leaning over a detailed drawing or when I am moving all around in fitness classes, I can’t stand having my hair hanging down in my face.  So (especially when I am between professional haircuts) I often sport what I call the “business” hair.

In this instance, “business” is not actually the suit-and-jacket, job-interview type of business.  It is actually more like a “Let’s do this!” type.  You know — taking care of what needs to be done.

I remember “poofy-top” hair becoming a fad for my generation around the time Fergie branched out from the Black Eyed Peas; I used to think it was ugly and annoying, but it was in style for a while.  I now happily pull my hair into a poofy-top pony just because it is on the practical side but also more interesting than the simple ponytail.  It’s not the hottest look for me personally, but because I apparently inherited my dad’s long forehead, I like to interrupt the hairline and otherwise flat-head form.  See the below illustration for my quick visual analysis of flat-head vs. poofy-top ponytails.


How I feel with a regular ponytail (left) vs. how I feel with “business” hair (right).

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