¿Por qué tan ansiosos? | Why so eager?

— This post was originally written in Spanish.  Scroll down for the English translation! —

render_anahuacfutYa de nuevo ha llegado el inicio de la temporada escolar.  Y como mi hijo ya está más grandecito (acaba de cumplir los 4), me parece que la gente nunca me deja de preguntar para cuando él va a entrar a la escuela.  Ahora es casi el único tema de conversación en los juegos del parque, y ojalá que algo más interesante pronto ocurra para que tengamos de qué más platicar aparte de su edad y a cuál preescolar estará asistiendo.

Los que realmente sí se me hacen interesantes son los asuntos del crecimiento social y intelectual de los niños; pero es un poco más difícil empezar a platicar sobre estas cosas ahí en el parque con los demás padres de familia.

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The Daddy Lego speaks Spanish


D’s towers on the left, mine on the right. He made a crane-type machine and used the gas pump hoses to connect our constructions. You can see that D-Lego is running the computer while Daddy Lego and Mommy Lego hang there dangerously in the middle.

In our household, we are fans of Lego Duplo building blocks.  Meant for younger kids, these are larger than the classic Legos and just about as fun, too.  D has accumulated a few Duplo building sets this past year, and the blocks have been enjoyable for all 3 of us.

When I am playing, I usually construct buildings and towers (very original, I know!), while Aron demonstrates his knack for making robots and all kinds of creations that are much more interesting than anything I make.  D tends to take what we make and adapt or reconstruct it in some way.

Much like with the regular-sized Legos, Duplo sets often come with little people (and animals) to use for play.  Altogether, we have ended up with 3 people — 2 males and 1 female — along with a wide range of animals (mainly due to the zoo set).  I’m guessing it is natural, since Aron and I are the people with whom he spends the majority of his time, that D automatically name the Lego people Mommy, Daddy, and D-Lego.

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