El engaño | Cheating

— This post was originally written in Spanish.  Scroll down for the English translation! —

En la edición del verano 2013 de la revista Cosmopolitan for Latinas, hay un artículo de media-página en el cual unas mujeres cuentan de cómo sus aventuras con otras personas han mejorado sus noviazgos.

La verdad es que estoy un poco decepcionada de Cosmo por publicar ésto, ya que me parece que en vez de hablar sobre la fuerza feminina, la belleza, las relaciones, etc. con este artículo están justificando y quizás fomentando el engaño.

Como una güerita quien ha trabajado con muchos hombres latinos, y además quien ha sido varias veces separada de su hombre por miles de millas durante meses, he estado en situaciones en las cuales habría facilmente podido engañarle.   Yo comprendo completamente la atracción al cuerpo humano, a la aventura, al misterio, a la fantasía, y a la exploración personal.   Sin embargo Siga leyendo | Continue reading…


I’m soon going to wish I still had Mexican medical treatment available.

There is a long-running stigma about the medical system in Mexico.  North of the border, the general impression seems to be that if you visit a Mexican doctor for any reason, you will exit the clinic with a butchered spleen.  Essentially, we believe that Mexican medical establishments are inferior to those of the U.S.  From experience, I will say that in Mexico we may not see all of the bells and whistles we are accustomed to in the U.S.  But in spite of uninformed jokes and fears about the quality of medical service, I’m soon going to wish I still had Mexican medical treatment available.  Why?  Because it is much more straightforward, practical, and affordable than it is in the U.S.

My husband and I recently learned that our family of three will soon become a family of four (please save the applause until the end of the post, hehe)!!  I am still pretty early in the pregnancy game, but [Edit: …we have miscarried, but…] I am already pondering all the ways in which this [next] time around will be different.  First, Aron will be able to be with me in the hospital and see his second child born.  Second, we have a much broader and more intricate network of support from friends and family here in the U.S.  Third — although we are far from winning financially — we are in a much more comfortable, stable spot here in the U.S.  But there are all sorts of moments that will be distinct from those we had during pregnancy with D, and here is a good place to reflect and appreciate those times.

Aron and I were living in Mexico when we found out we were going to have our first child.  After unclear results with two home pregnancy tests (even though we already knew, you know?), we finally went to get a blood test done.  Aron accompanied me to a tiny medical analysis clinic which  Continue reading

The Daddy Lego speaks Spanish


D’s towers on the left, mine on the right. He made a crane-type machine and used the gas pump hoses to connect our constructions. You can see that D-Lego is running the computer while Daddy Lego and Mommy Lego hang there dangerously in the middle.

In our household, we are fans of Lego Duplo building blocks.  Meant for younger kids, these are larger than the classic Legos and just about as fun, too.  D has accumulated a few Duplo building sets this past year, and the blocks have been enjoyable for all 3 of us.

When I am playing, I usually construct buildings and towers (very original, I know!), while Aron demonstrates his knack for making robots and all kinds of creations that are much more interesting than anything I make.  D tends to take what we make and adapt or reconstruct it in some way.

Much like with the regular-sized Legos, Duplo sets often come with little people (and animals) to use for play.  Altogether, we have ended up with 3 people — 2 males and 1 female — along with a wide range of animals (mainly due to the zoo set).  I’m guessing it is natural, since Aron and I are the people with whom he spends the majority of his time, that D automatically name the Lego people Mommy, Daddy, and D-Lego.

Any 3 year-old’s playtime conversation is interesting enough, but the funny thing Continue reading