Teaching Naked, Part 2

Apalling to read about the Dean and faculty responses!! Another great post!
— Güera

Tenure, She Wrote

In my previous post, I recounted how a student interviewed me for the school paper regarding my decision to confront my class about being sexual harassed by one of my students on a mid-semester evaluation.  To give a little context for this post, my article was featured on the front page along with an article about a male faculty member (from the same college, and thus, the same dean) who was suing the university over sexual orientation discrimination and wrongful termination.  Neither my mentor nor the dean in this anecdote had authority over me; my bosses were in the provost office.

After the article was published, the dean of my college was clearly not happy I chose to share my experience publicly. 

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The Sunday Chronicle…More On Mexico

Read about some of Angeline’s memories of Mexico!! Great photos, too 🙂

— Güera

AngelineM's Blog


The years have gone by, but the memories remain of those summer trips to Mexico when I was young.  Each summer seemed to change our mode of transportation on getting there; train travel being a favorite. Three days of reading, playing cards, and eating wonderful meals in the dining car. The photo above has to be our departure from San Antonio, Texas, my home town, but again, it could be somewhere in Mexico, as I have no written clues left me on the back of the photos I’ve found recently.

We boarded the train in San Antonio, and at the Mexican border the locomotive was switched over to a Mexican engine, with a lot of bumping back and forth and steel against steel grinding and screeching, and then we were off into our adventure. The small border towns slowly gave way to scrub brush, Saguaro Cactus, and dry open land; and as…

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Thoughts on my marriage to a Nicaraguan

So many comments and sentiments from this Gringuita are dead-on to my own… and then there are distinct differences in cultural perspective that are simply a pleasure to read! This is one of my favorites of her posts so far. If you haven’t already checked out her blog, please do, and I hope you will enjoy them, too!

— Güera

The Gringuita

Our Wedding Day

Someone asked me what it was like being married to Moya… I really don’t think of it as that much more challenging than other marriages, but it’s also the only marriage I’ve been in, so I really don’t have much to compare it to. I lived in his cultural and understood it, so I think that has helped us a great deal. I already knew what to expect. We talked, and talked, and talked, and talked about so many different things before we ever got married. Cooking, cleaning, company, responsibilities, cultural differences, beliefs.. What would be expected of me. Of him. I think it also helped that I didn’t just know about his cultural, I lived it. I carried buckets of water 150 feet to take a bucket shower every day for months. I lived in adobe houses. I used outhouses for more than a year at the place(s) I…

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